Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We have a heartbeat!

I know it's been awhile since I have posted anything, but life is busy!

I did want to report back to you all that I had my 13 week check-up last Thursday, and we heard the heartbeat! Well I should rephrase that, my midwife heard the heartbeat:) Addison freaked out as soon as she touched me. I think she was thinking that I was going to get shots or something of that nature.

The first visit she screamed as soon as we entered the exam room. I think then she was thinking she was the one who would be getting her shots! This time no crying, and I was thinking to myself, that maybe she's going to be fine...boy was I wrong:) She cried so loud that I was trying to comfort her, while my midwife was trying to listen to the baby, and I therefore missed my baby's heartbeat:( I am thankful though that Vicki heard it, and said it sounded great. How I'm not sure, but then I was more worried about getting Addie calmed down to really pay attention.

It was just one of those check-ups...

We arrived surprisingly early, and the nurse brought us to the exam room, where I was weighed, peed in a cup (well that was in the bathroom!), blood pressure taken, she tested the pee, said it was great, and then said Vicki would be right in. Well 30 minutes, and 4 cranky kids later, Vicki enters! Finally, the kids had been waiting for the ultrasound that Vicki had promised if we scheduled it at 12pm. (Yes, I skipped Addie's nap for this) She spent 2 minutes with me, and then did the doppler thing, and was probably deaf from Addie show of lungs. Then she sat me up said you don't need to come back for about 6 weeks, "Since you know how it works this being your 5th child. Let us know if you have any problems" Then she left. I then had to explain why the midwife didn't do the ultrasound that she promised them, and that sometimes things happen and there isn't time for the extras! They still weren't happy with my excuse, but were happy that Addie had put her lungs to rest!

Just another day raising my BROOD:)