Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Have a Happier Marriage

How to Have a Happier Marriage at Generation Cedar

I love the idea of this! What a simple thought...what if....

I also recommend "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace. I read it a few years ago and I think it made all the difference in my attitude and in our marriage. I need to reread it, and refresh my perspective.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mr. Higgins

Meet Mr. Higgins
 He's the newest member of the Messner brood.

A "Westie" or West Highland Terrier. We arrived at the name by google-ing Scottish baby names. :) Higgins means prayer is that he will live up to his name! 

This is a picture of the children getting their surprise! Mr. Higgins arrived 2 weeks before Christmas. They were busy watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and we told them they had to unload the diaper wipes. They all slowly made their way over to the box...let's just say they were shocked!

  This is starting the "UGLY" cry. She couldn't believe that Dad gave into another dog. I can't believe he gave in myself! lol

So happy!
  Here is how he spends most of his days. He and Lincoln have the same sleeping disorder :) infancy! He was born October 1, so he and Linc are only 18 days apart. That will help with remembering how old he is!


Christmas Eve after making the Ginger Bread house.

  I just had to put this one in of Linc on Christmas morning. I just love his smile!


 This is how Higgins spent most of his morning on Christmas...trash patrol ;)

  So yes, we added more stress and fun to our ever growing home...whether it be children or pets. I have always wanted a Westie. I can't even remember how long ago the desire sparked in me, but I am very thankful that it finally happened! Our neighbor's Westies just happened to have puppies, and they just happened to be generous enough to give him to us! I just pray Higgins survives the little girls. :) 

  Now to come up with his registered name! We'd love your help in naming him. So far we tried to appease all the children and their "names" that they had wanted to call him, but we still haven't decided. 

This is what we have as of right now:
"Mr. Higgins Huckleberry Jingle All The Way"

I know it sounds crazy, but registered names are always a bit out there! So if you have any good ones that will beat ours...let's hear 'em!

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Just Can't Win

  I was thinking the other day as to why I try so hard to have presentable looking kids when we head out the door. 

By this I mean:

1. No slippers or pjs worn out in public.
2. Your hair must be done.
3. Holes, really? NO! (sometimes they do slip out the door before I realize!)
4. No dress up clothes.
5. No dirt or ketchup on faces.
6. Matching clothes are a miss matched "I like it!" toddler style.

  Technically this should be a given for any human with any etiquette at all. With that said, it makes for a very frustrated toddler or youngen that wants to put their own spin on things. 

  As an example, my friend allowed her toddler to wear his favorite slippers to the store. I started thinking that I'm super stuffy, and I should be laid back enough to let our children do that on special occasion. Then it dawned on me! When we take our family out in public, people stare. They count heads. They make a little gasp as you walk by. You see in there eyes the date calculator spinning to see if I'm really old enough to have this many children. Sometimes they're just plain rude. It would be just asking for it if I did allow my kids to do it! 

  Can you imagine the thoughts of the folks walking by? "Don't you have shoes for her?" "No wonder he's wearing camo pants and a striped shirt...they must not be able to afford much else." LOL   
I'd have them handing me money and giving me a pitiful look, and telling me "Use this to get them something new..."

  It seriously would happen! I know very well that I shouldn't really care so much what others think, but when you are already in a totally different court than most everyone, it's like adding gasoline to an already smoking stack. It ignites a very sour reaction to most people and they usually don't have a problem voicing their opinions, strongly. So why add fuel to the fire? Maybe that's wrong, but I would rather be a good example in public that makes someone realize big families aren't taboo, then one that confirms people's already made up minds about how ridiculous big families are.   

  It's kind of a double standard of sorts. You're a FUN mom when you have one toddler in tow and he's in his Superman costume...

Yet a SOCIAL DISGRACE of a mom if you take our 6 children dressed in their favorite cowboy/cowgirl costumes...

Make sense? Hmmm....

So for now I will just be FUN mom when I only take one or two of the kids out with me! :)