Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ty's Party Pictures

Sorry, I can't get the picture to flip! Yes, it's a 5 and 1 candle...I forgot to get candles, whoops. I made him do the math. At least he knew it was 6, and I think he even liked it when I asked him what "5 plus 1 = what?" LOL

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Baby Chicks!

So, we have adopted 15 baby chicks, in the last week:) Yes, we are nuts, but we want fresh eggs, and a project for Ty. He asked for them for his birthday, and Bob agreed to 5, and that turned into 15...whoops!

Ty is getting the chicks home ready.
Here are the first 9 we bought last Thursday. The stores sell out so fast from these little guys, that we didn't get the ones Ty really wanted. We found a feed store that had some that were good layers, and decided that we didn't want to wait, and got them now. We bought 3 Barred Rock pullets, 2 "mystery chicks" (The shipment they were expecting didn't come in, and this is what they got. It was buy one get one free, so we thought "why not"! Our luck, they will both end up being roosters...), and Ty wanted a White Silkie. They are the super cute ones that look like they have fur instead of feathers. When they get big you can only see their beaks, because their hair is in a big puff ball on top of their heads. Super cute! Might not lay eggs well, and could be a rooster, but at least it will be nice to look at:)
I think that is a picture of a "Mystery Chick", and the black one is a Black Australorp, that we lucked out with, and got 3 of them at Wilco. They had an extra bunch that they were selling over the ones that were ordered. It happened to be one of the breeds Ty actually had on his list!
The Barred Rocks, are the black ones with the gray spots on their heads...they don't seem to be very friendly...they are always pecking at us:(
We picked these up this morning. Nana bought Ty his supplies for this batch, and the chicks for his birthday present. We can't put them together until this gals get bigger, otherwise they could get pecked to death, and that wouldn't be good. So, we have to keep them in their own house until they reach about the same size.

Ty calls them his "pretty" ones. When we got them home he asked if he could take back the "others" to get more of these "pretty" ones! He's so funny. I didn't realize how perticular he is, until we started researching which different breeds of chickens to get, and he only wanted specific ones. I guess he takes after his Mom ;-)

These are two of our really attractive Ameracaunas. They lay the blue and green eggs! I can't wait. There is something to having a beautiful egg...they come in all shades from blue to green. It will always be neat to see what color they lay.
Ty got another Silkie...this time grey, 2 Buff Orpingtons...they are the yellow ones, and the 3 Ameracaunas. The other Ameracauna is yellowie, but has the puffy hair like the other two, so we'll just wait and see what she looks like when grown.