Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Favorite FREE iPad Apps

"Goodnight Safari" is absolutely adorable! The trees in the Savannah shake when you touch them, and the mama giraffe twist her neck and lifts her legs, while you help the baby giraffe feed on the leaves of a too tall tree. You give a baby rhino a bath and help a baby zebra find his mother. Our 3yr old LOVES this book. You can choose to Read Alone, or Read to Me. You can purchase more Learning Activities...but I'm good with free. ;)

The "Endless Alphabet" is my FAVORITE! It is so educational. You choose a letter and the monsters run through the word and all your letters get scrambled! Then you must fill the word back in. I love that when you touch the letters they make the letter sound. So as they add them back, not only are they spelling the word, but they are learning the sounds to read. Once the letters have been replaced to their original places, they cheer and take you to the next page where they read the word, and act out the meaning of the word, then give the kids the definition. Super cute! All of our kids love this app, and beg to play it.

The letter wiggle, stretch, and make the silly sounds.

New words are added weekly! 


 This "LEGO" app is cute. Best for a young audience, but our older kids still play it. You build a lego truck and as you speed down the road, you pick up lego pieces, and earn new vehicle a helicopter, or new pieces to your truck. Very simple, but the kids seemed entertained by it. So I guess that is the most important factor when picking an app for your kiddos {after your approval of the app, of course!}. :) 

Hoping that these come in handy during our flights in the next week! We have the blessing of heading to Hawaii for 3 weeks on Monday! So very excited to have the homeschooling trip we've always wanted to take our children on. We will be hiking to waterfalls, volcanoes, and to the beach! Many memories will be made on this that will not soon be forgotten. {And I'm so thankful my work travels with me! Another reason I love my job...I can do it as needed while I'm gone.} We will get to tour coffee plantations, wildlife zoo, and even get to volunteer with a non-profit org, helping people with disabilities and their families enjoy a day at the beach, for a snorkel day! It will be neat to see our children serve others and see the change in their hearts because of it {and Bob & I as well}. 

So that is what we will be up to in the rest of this month! 

Blessings ~ Heather

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lookin' Good!

   These looking so amazing to me! I cannot wait to make and try them out. A bunch of good for you veggies, wrapped into a delicious package with peanut dipping sauce.