Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Camping

The Boys are ready to go!

Sunday, we got the wild idea to take the kids fishing/camping out on the island at Swift Lake. Bob's dad drove us out to it with the boat, and we fished and ate! Luckily, Alexis, Ty, and Gabe all caught a fish by the end of the night.

Ty's big catch! He reeled it in all by himself. :)
Alexis' big catch! This was a second attempt at a fish. The first one got away...
Gabriel's night fish. He caught the biggest one! 14 inches long, but he wasn't very happy about getting the picture taken. :)
Ty, Alexis, Daddy, Gabe, and Grandpa with their catches.
Alexis and Addison goofing off Monday morning. Maybe the Fruit Loops make you "fruity?"
Grandpa, Gabriel, and Daddy fishing for more trout.
Our camp site on the island. Grandma is hanging out with Addie while we moved out by the logs for better luck.
Mommy and Addie...her trademark smile!
One last look at our island on the way back to the docks.

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