Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eggs...Eggs...and more Eggs!

Well our 9 month journey with chickens has finally paid off! Only 2 out of our 13 hens were laying one egg each for the end of the summer, and having none laying any for the last 2 months, we were about to make them into dinner. They have redeemed themselves by giving us 10 eggs yesterday, and 1 blue~green egg this morning. Our dry streak has now been broken! I can't wait to look this afternoon to see if we find more. :)

I know it's silly to get sooo excited over eggs, but we are an impatient family (unfortunately). We made sure we picked out the breeds that lay early, and are daily layers, and all the other credentials of a "good layer." (We have been taught through this that we need to wait on the good things in life. Just because everything is how it's supposed to be, doesn't mean that it will just happen. We have to do our best, and then we need to wait on the Lord. It's His timing not our own.)

We have now figured out that a lot of this is the care of the animals. I'm thinking that we should have been more diligent in our feeding and watering of these little birds...and not allowing the children to be the sole caretakers of them. They see a little water, and a little food, and think that they don't need anymore than they have. This for Ty has been an eye opener in the fruits of your labor lesson. When he wasn't caring for them as he should, he didn't reap the benefits of eggs, but now that he has stuck to feeding and watering them properly, he is now seeing these benefits. He was also shown how by his slacking, others were hurt from it. He will be the head of his household one day, and if he isn't doing his very best to take care of them then they will too be hurt by his laziness. As we were finding these 10 eggs yesterday afternoon, he kept saying "oh my, here's another," and "look there, another," and "Mom this is a miracle," and "I can't believe how many eggs there are!"

Lessons learned for the little ones are summed up in this poem that is now posted in the kitchen for all to see:

Work While You Work
M.A. Stodart

Work while you work,
Play while you play,
One thing each time,
That is the way.
All that you do,
Do with your might;
Things done by halves
Are not done right.

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