Monday, August 1, 2011

31 Days to Clean Martha Challenge VIDEOS!

Hi All!

  So sorry I've been away for so long. Life has just been hectic and challenging lately. A new Bible study, a puking plague, and a 10 day vacation back "home",  just to name a few. Life just got really busy, really fast. Who said summer was laid back?! I guess they haven't been to our home. :)

  I have decided to participate in the 31 Days to Clean Video Challenge (haven't heard of it? I have been dying to buy this ebook since it came out a few months ago, but you know me, I always think I can get it on sale! Guess what I did!) Having a Martha House the Mary Way, by Sarah Mae. Here is the link to the Home page. Sarah Mae of Like A Warm Cup of Coffee is offering it at 50% off this week using code: BLOOM  Yes ladies, $2.50 for a helpful ebook. I can say, for $2.50 it is worth missing a coffee and having a clean home! :)

  I'm so excited, are you?! Today is day 1, so hop on over to the 31 Days to Clean website and get your ebook...grab your apron...'cause things are gonna get all tidy in here!


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