Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  Alright, now you might think I've lost my marbles, but I think there is some serious logic behind this post: "Why You Should Stop Doing Kegels..."

  I have always done this (squatting) with all my pregnancies and had nothing but great results with delivery! I'm kind of "old school" with the way they "used to do things." I figured it would help get things "ready" down there. Labor is long and hard sometimes, and why not get yourself flexible before hand in a position that might help with the difficulty of labor and stretch those leg and butt muscles that will be doing so much work. Women have been giving birth for thousands of years (most likely squatting in the fields)...why is it so difficult now? Because we focus too much on modern medicine and books of what works "now." When the real question should be, "why change something that wasn't broken?" Oh oh, I know! Because we think we are smarter than folks from the stone age. But are we really? God gave us instincts for a reason. He gave us women with great intuition. He also created the body that is built for birthing! (Obviously things happen and medical intervention is needed...that's a whole different conversation). But for a regular no complications labor/delivery...I'm just excited that I've been doing something right! Yippee :)

  25 days and counting! Can't wait, yet I'm not prepared at all. I had the nurse at my appointment today shocked that we haven't even bought diapers yet! :)  I figure all you need for a newborn is food (which as long as things go as planned is "on tap"), pajamas, a blanket, a car seat, nursing pads, and diapers (which you can purchase at the grocery store on your way home!) Yes, we might be crazy, but seriously that's all you need! When it's your sixth child you realize all those other trinkets and gadgets that everyone tells you that you have to have, are just a joke. You make it as difficult or as easy as you choose. We choose simplicity...

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