Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{Peep Wars!}

"{Peep Wars}" were created I believe by my mother. :) One Easter we had a bunch of peeps and being the competitive family we are, we decided to have "{Peep Wars}"! 

We decided to continue the tradition yearly. This year we did it the day after Easter (yesterday). So our morning began with a Peep Off. 

The game of "{Peep Wars}" is fairly simple: 

1: You must name your Peep.
2: You need at least 2 people to challenge.
3: You may use different types of Peeps; i.e. bunnies, chicks, snowmen, etc.
4: You need a permanent marker.
5: You need a paper towel or two or three...
6: You MUST have a microwave!
7: A prize...we don't give a prize, we just enjoy the fact that we won! (We are a bit competitive!) ;)

Here are the pics from our "{Peep Wars}"

The Gang getting their positions.
The cheering begins..."Peep Wars! Peep Wars!"

Our first contestants...the peep that grows the tallest wins!

Jonas & Princess (Gabe & Addie)

Our Logo! lol

Set the timer for 1:00 min...stop it around 30 seconds before they explode.

The watchful audience.

Cheering for their favorite!

Around they go...
Jonas takes the win.

Proud winner! That would be Addie, the sore loser in the background.

Bob Wallace & Phil Davis go next (Alexis & Ty)
Phil just couldn't handle it...

Proud winner!

Abe Lincoln & Shelby (Lincoln & Shelby)

Who's it going to be???

President Lincoln takes the win!
Proud winner, he'd rather eat it than cheer!
Wilbur & Cookie (Me & Nana)

Cookie takes it!
Proud winner, Nana!

The Peep Off...


Bob Wallace wins!

Proud winner!

Losers bracket!

Princess wins!

Proud winner, Addie!

The  winner is....

Bob Wallace!

Alexis takes the win! Way to go Lexi!!

All in all, it is much fun and the kids get a kick out of it! AND YES, I know standing in front of the microwave is a HORRIBLE idea, but we are will to take the risk for a few laughs. 



  1. so glad Abe Lincoln took the win!!! this is hilarious!!! can we join in next year???

  2. How cool is that?! ~Teresa


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