Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day

We started our morning with stockings, and gifts.

Addie and Daddy opening her gift from Gabriel.
The boys trying out their "Diggers". They love these things, and it was perfect to have so much snow!!!
Our knights. I'm just waiting for our first emergency room trip, due to a possibly sword hit!
Alexis opening her "Liberty" doll. She was so excited (I forgot to take a picture of her doll, whoops)

Thankfully Bob's dad let us borrow his truck to get to my parent's on Christmas day! There was so much snow, that we barely got up my parent's driveway. They had snow up to the bottom of their windows...I have never seen this much snow in all my life. It was great.

Kids searching for their stockings.

Grammie, Mom, and Addie.
Our Cowboys!
Ty checking out his "Bull Whip"
Gabriel taking his out!
Dad and his Ipod, Aunt Amy cuddling Adddie's Glow worm!
Alexis read the Christmas story from a children's Bible. She did a wonderful job!

After we all took turns opening our gifts, we enjoyed a dinner of cornish game hens, baked potatoes, rolls, and salad. It was really good, but everything Mom makes is good!

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