Monday, July 26, 2010

Father & Son Retreat

I received an email from Vision Forum about their Father & Son Retreat in Winter Park, Colorado and am so excited for this opportunity for Bob & Ty!

Bob & I have been praying about whether or not he should go and we both feel that he should. The only set back is the cost. It's not much cheaper to drive than fly to Colorado, so we can't save the money driving like we thought. So, would you please pray for us to know that this is really God's desire for us, and that He would provide the means to get there? It's something that we feel is very pivotal in Ty's life and Bob's role as a father. What a great opportunity to hear, see, and be involved in something that is purposefully there to make you a better father and give you the tools needed for bringing up children who love and fear the Lord! What an opportunity for Ty to be with other godly young men who are there for the sole purpose of learning about their roles as children of God, and how to live a life pleasing to our Lord! So, please pray that this would work if the Lord is willing. :)

*Maybe you should make a day for a walk or hike with your son. (thanks, Jamie for all the great tips!)

Father's now a days don't realize the role they have as Daddy, is so crucial in the outcome of their children's lives. We are a pleasure centered generation. That pretty much gives dads the pass for no responsibility. As long as they pay the bills and provide a roof, their job is done...or so they think. Can you imagine the greatness that could come from a family who has a dad who purposefully involved in their children's lives? It would be astounding! Instead of the "what's in it for me" mentality, why not try "what can I do for you" as Christ calls us to?!

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