Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lia sophia Here I Come!

All of you who are my friends on FB already know that we have decided to include lia sophia as a part of our family income. For those of you who didn't hear, here's the scoop! is my new website.

Bob's job hasn't been super great with the hrs since the 1st 2 weeks of us moving here. By God's grace we are still managing to make ends meet and keep on, keeping on! With prayer and going through the pros and cons of me possibly working out of the home, we decided that lia sophia would be the perfect fit for our family! For us it's much wiser for me to be gone 3hrs a week, compared to Bob getting a second job in the evenings and never seeing him. With this business, I can pick my own hrs, do as many or as little parties as fits our families needs. Also, I can stop at any time that Bob or I feel it being too much. We have a lot on our plate with our 5 children, homeschooling, and just life in general, so we have a very easy out with this business. If it doesn't work than it was a good experience. If it does, than our family will be blessed. Simple as that!

It's a great company with very good pay for the amount of work you do away from home. But, can you really call it work when you are enjoying the company of other moms or ladies wanting to have a fun ladies night in??? I can't! lol It should be a fun time, indeed! What female really doesn't want to spend an hour or two trying on pretty things that make you feel "beautiful"? You get to laugh, re-energize, & use the last of your 20,000 words for the day. I love the fact that these moms can bring their children to the parties. I don't know how many times parties are off limits to little ones, due to a consultant/advisor that isn't appreciative of little ones. Well, I get to say "let them come!" little girls love to try it on (and little boys, like ours, love to pick out jewelry for their future wife. So cute!). One of the best parts is, it's ALL lifetime warrantied. So, if something breaks while a wee one is playing or it just gets worn out from all the admirers, guess what lia sophia will replace it! Fantastic!!! Perfect for my life :)

I really do desire that doing this business will allow me to get to know many great women with whom a friendship could possibly arise. How neat is that? My prayer would be that they can see HIS light through me. Isn't that what God desires? I am hopeful for these opportunities if it is HIS desire for me, to build lasting friendships and to help out where & when I can for our family, while still keeping my "stay at home mom" badge. That is first and foremost one of the most important things. I'm just excited that I have a "fun" option for a job.

We shall see what HE has in store for us. I don't know enough people to really have a good base for this business, so Lord let's see what you've got in store!!!! Because this isn't going to happen without YOU opening those doors. Thank you, Lord for this chance!


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