Friday, August 27, 2010

Your World Can Change in an Instant!

We are thanking God right now for His protection and action. The paramedics left our house a short while ago. Shelby was choking on her pb&j sandwich, turning purple around her eyes, and trying to gasp for air. So absolutely terrifying. I think it tramatized the kids. As I was talking with the 911 lady, she kept asking "is that the baby crying", no it was the other kids. I seriously can't stop shaking. So so so scary! Alexis is still crying about it...

You go through your mind, "do I call 911 or wait?" "do I just keep trying to get the food out and not call?" "what if she's going to be fine and I look like an idiot when the medics show up?" Praying that God will help her because you can only do so's crazy the mental roller coaster that can happen in a few shorts seconds or even minutes.

I did end up calling and she did end up breathing by the time they got here. I asked them "how long until it's really bad?" They said "5 minutes, but you don't ever want it to get that far." They said "always, always call. It's better to wave goodbye to you and have a healthy baby/child, then to be arriving to a dead one." The one said "if you think they might be choking, call, because if they really are, it could be too late by the time we arrive, if you wait." Thank you Lord, that it wasn't a bad ending! I think choking has always been my worst fear with my children. You feel so helpless even though you are doing everything you can to help them. I'm just thankful that when he asked what I did to try and dis-lodge it, that he said I did the right thing by flipping her over, head down, and hitting her hard on the back.

I'm thinking that our family will be heading down to one of their first aid/c.p.r. classes very soon...

Our Suggey "sugar" is healthy and fine, laying her head on my shoulder, sucking her thumb. Hug your kids, tell them you love them, and make everyday soon as the door closed the kids all begged to hold her. I love that my children love each other. You find it more often than not that siblings dislike each other these days, but thankfully in our home, they LOVE one another. Makes my heart smile.

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  1. HOW scary! But precious how the kids all wanted to hold her!
    I need to go to a first aid class sometime as I probably don't know anything!


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