Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekday Wear

Weekday Wear
Weekday Wear by messybunch featuring a stripe cardigan

  Nautical is "In" this season, and I've been dreaming of beaches, sand, and sun this I thought I'd bring it to you! :) This outfit is so classy, yet so simple. You've got some bootcut dark washed jeans, black & white striped cardigan, your basic white racer back tank,  a shimmery shell inspired shoe (I know it's not practical, but it's "Oh, so pretty!"), and some shades for all the wonderful sunshine. Add a little bronzer to give you the "sun-kissed" look and off you go! 

  I did pair it with lia sophia's Elena bracelet and Glance earrings to give this outfit that last bit of polishing!

*remember, you can click on the photo to see the links to buy these great pieces!

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  1. Again I love it! I think I just need to go out and start buying some of the pieces. A little at a time can add up to some cute outfits.


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