Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The TomKat Studio Party Shop

This morning as I was doing an online search for gumballs in tubes...for Christmas...I stumbled upon The TomKat Studio Party Shop. I think I'm in love...with the party favors that is! This is the cutest shop everI made my order and cannot wait for it to arrive. 

These are the items I ordered:

Christmas Adhesive Tags:

Shimmer Gumballs in Tubes: {Yes, shimmer!!} {For the Girls}

Gumballs in Tubes: {For the Boys}

Striped Party Straws: {For Peppermint Hot Chocolate}

And check out this Mermaid Birthday Party:
{Absolutely Adorable...I want one...but I'm 31yrs old..and my hubby would make fun of me!}

Her Blog here. Check it out and tell me you don't love it as much as I do! ;) Don't forget to follow her on Pinterest: The TomKat Studio

My thought was to give the gumballs to all the kiddos on Christmas Eve, but I might just keep them for New Year's Eve...since my brother and his family {making 11 kids in our home for the holiday} will be here from Christmas Eve through New Year's...it might be a bit more holiday cheer stretched over the season, instead of just one day...Oh, I Can't WAIT!


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