Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful November Day 29

Day 29- I am thankful I chose to take a leap of faith in June, and Change the Game for my family. It was the absolute worst year financially for our family. Normally Bob is slow during winter months with work, and it always picks up in March/April. Well this was June, and there was still not much work...that's 6 months of no work. Can you say we were all but freaking out. You can't run a family with 13 hrs a week of work. You start drowning...and it just continues to set you farther and farther into debt. I hate debt...period. What were we to do? 

I looked into going to Nail Tech school. I figured I could sacrifice 3-6 months of my life with my kids to go to school and it would be something that I could do out of my home, while still being with my kids most of the day. {Plus, I really love having my nails done, and I have always wanted to know how to do "what they do!"} I had my school all picked out. Their website had all the costs listed. Bob had ok'd my crazy idea. My mom offered to watch the kids while I went to school. I had prayed long and hard about this decision. I specifically prayed that if it was not the Lord will that He would slam the door on this idea. {I need a slam, not a light closure to really know it's HIM} Well...I sent an email requesting information on enrollment...and a few days later a sweet girl called me back. To my utter shock...there was no Nail Tech classes being offered! What?!?! Their website had everything on there, including the times classes were offered! She said they put all of that up for when the GET a teacher. Really?! I was sad and disappointed that God had slammed the door. He answered my prayer, but not in the way that I had wanted. What now?! 

Waiting another month, trying to figure out a way to work, yet stay home with my kids, homeschool, and be mom.  Bob and I prayed continually about what to do. Work was still a joke. Debt was still piling up. I was still without a hope for a job. One day I asked a gal I know what it was she was doing {I knew she worked from home, homeschooled, and had a big family. And let me tell you, that took so much courage (or desperation) on my end} That day changed our life forever. I leaped in faith. Blind faith. I worked hard, and worked around my kids nap time, and in the evenings, from home, with no day care expenses. I very quickly matched Bob's income. And Bob and I are now focused on changing the game for our family. Since then I have helped many moms reach their goals, and continuing to help more. All while helping pay off debt from those terrible 6 months, and medical bills we acquired over the last 3 months. Every good gift comes from above and we pause daily to thank God for bringing my friend Janice into our life to not only give us hope...but to completely change the game for our family.

That is something to be forever thankful for...


  1. It has been amazing working with you and I love seeing your passion for your family to do what it takes to help contribute to getting out of debt. It's been a gift to work with you and I can't wait to celebrate you every step of the way!


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