Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Ultrasound is Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone! So, I'm writing so that you all will pray for a healthy baby tomorrow at our ultrasound. It's at 4:45pm and thankfully you no longer have to drink a ton of water before you go! Now I am able to enjoy the pics of the precious baby, instead of wondering where the closest bathroom is! Sorry to much info I know, but you don't understand until you've had to experience it. LOL

On a more serious note:
-Please pray for the health of the baby

-that my placenta is in the right place (not blocking the "exit")
-and that we won't be able to see what the sex is. (with Addie, I felt like I couldn't really look at the monitor when they were checking everything out, because I was afraid that I would see what the sex was, when we didn't want to know. Once you've had four ultrasounds, you become pretty good at detecting what everything is!)
Thanks for your prayers. We'll post the pics when we get them! Heather

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