Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yes, 10 years today Bob and I got hitched! I came up with a little jingle/song to go along with the 12 days of Christmas, that pretty much sums up the last 10 years together (so think that tune!)

*10 yrs of Marriage
*9 yrs of Diapers
*8 Vacations
*7 Seat filled Suburban
*6 Pregnancies
*5 Precious Children
*4 Soccer injuries
*3 different Houses
*2 Wedding Rings
.....all from one Wedding Day!

I know, I know, lay off the Christmas music. I couldn't sleep last night, all because I was excited about the possibility that we were going to the Skamania Lodge for dinner, and to stay the night. My mind is dangerous at that time of night! Little things excite me I know, but hey how often do we get to get out alone(well partially alone, Miss Shelby gets to go along for the ride)?

The Lord has continually blessed our lives, marriage, and children. We aren't deserving of any of it, and yet, He still gives. What a lesson we can all learn from how God treats us! I'm thankful for all our trials, they have shaped us into the people we are today, still broken, but not as much as before. I'm thankful for all the blessings, they have allowed us to see how truly forgiving God is. Christ has been the center of our marriage, and that is what allows us to grow closer, fonder, and more loving with each other year after year. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of times that our sinful selves rear their ugly heads, but thankfully we forgive, and grow from that experience.

The key for us is to always remember our relationship is more important than anyone else, after Christ. Yes, that includes our children, parents, and friends. If we become separated from the "one" that we are, than everyone in our lives suffers. Your children will see how a marriage should work, that your house is a happy home full of love for each other, that then pours out onto them. Remember to take time daily, or as often as you can, to be together alone. Have the kids read a book, or play outside, so you can stay connected to your husband. It gives you time to talk about your day, future ideas, or just to catch up if you've been busy.

I pray that you all will enjoy a marriage as ours has been for us. I know it will be different than ours, but enjoy it just the same!

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