Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Worksheet Generator

So all you homeschooling moms...I have something for you!

WorksheetWorks.com has many worksheets for your classroom. Sheets you can create include: Math, English, Geography, Puzzles, and Miscellanea. I created cursive writing worksheets for Alexis and Ty. I have a daughter who, when she wants to, has beautiful cursive writing. Lately she has been sloppy and not doing her best...therefore this works beautifully to get her to practice. It's great because you can make them from Bible verses, songs, a note from Mom to child with maybe an "I love you", "you're wonderful" message that they discover while tracing, a poem, etc.! So many choices!!! I love it :)

We LOVE http://www.seedsfamilyworship.net/kids_stuff.php and we are trying to memorize the lot of Courage verses they have supplied in Flash Card form. Here are our samples that I created this morning:

*These are already traced since it's really hard to see when they aren't. :) Alexis' is done until the last few lines just to show you what they look like just as a worksheet. (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to flip the pic!)

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