Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Be Fooled

  One of the most disturbing problems with all this technology now a days is that nothing is as it seems. It is so easy for everyone to post on their blog, send emails, comment on Facebook, etc. And those reading it believe it. It's a dangerous position to put yourself in. A few months ago I almost gave up blogging all together. I know I don't write much and don't have the biggest following, but it's just fun. But a few months ago as I was reading blogs, I started to become discontent with my life. I'd read what these so called "Christian super moms" had the time for, the energy for, the projects, how we are supposed to raise our families in the Lord, and started to doubt what I knew God had for our family. Yes, some pieces are good. Some are very inspiring. Some light that fire in you that you needed. The thing that bothered me was how people would follow without any questioning it. Are we really that desperate to be like others? Are we really so in need of direction that we can't even listen to God because someone who is living it today says to do it this way? And the past week this has really stuck out to me again.

  Don't be fooled! Anyone can make themselves look like they have it together, know what it is we need, look as though their family life is wonderful, that their children are such blessings, or look as though they aren't struggling financially on a computer screen. I remember mentioning once to a friend how this one particular family looked like they had so much fun on FB and how our life was so bland in comparison. Their pictures were always beautiful, adventurous, and the husband and wife look so in love. Yet this friend knew this family's life and said, "Don't believe everything you see." It made me think. (Nothing else was said, but never the less, it made me think.) Maybe they don't have such a loving, wonderful, exciting life. Prior to that statement though, I started wondering what was wrong with our family. How is it that we never go on vacation? Why don't we look that happy? It's a dangerous pit to fall into! It made me start doubting our choice to pray and trust the Lord for our family size (which we both felt God called us to do). If our family keeps getting bigger we will never be able to enjoy those things. The money will be going to food, instead of fun. *sigh* What were we thinking! Then the Lord showed me again that we are following HIM, not the things of this world. Money or a vacation can't give us the happiness of a full house. It can't replace the fact that we are trying to bring up children who love the Lord and will hopefully be warriors for the Kingdom. Following God gives us hope. It fills any void we may find, if we turn to HIM. 

                                                Source: via Ivana on Pinterest

  How about the mother who writes of her children as being such blessings. Yet, is yelling at her children as she spends too much time on FB, on the phone, doing selfish things. We read her postings in awe of how she gets it all done. Yet, she stays in her pajamas all day, sitting around idol. We read his postings on how he provides for his family and God has called the men to do this. Yet, he is unemployed and isn't out looking for a job. Nothing is as it seems! That is why it is so important to live your life to the best of your abilities with the leading of the Holy Spirit, aspiring to be like Christ. Our in person lives are a huge example to those around us. As compared to just what we say when people can't see what our daily life looks like. A friend reminded me of this country song by Brad Paisley a few days ago, that talks about how he's so different online. 

Here are a few of the lyrics:
I work down at the Pizza Pit
And I drive an old Hyundai
I still live with my mom and dad
I'm 5 foot 3 and overweight
I'm a scifi fanatic
A mild asthmatic
That you need to see
Go checkout MySpace

'Cause online I'm out in Hollywood
I'm 6 foot 5 and I look d*** good
I drive a Maserati
I'm a black-belt in karate
And I love a good glass of wine
But there's whole ‘nother me
I’m so much cooler online
So much cooler online

  It's a song that is so true, on so many levels. Which brings me back to the whole point of "Dont' believe everything you read." The Bible says what God says. He calls each one of us to be different parts of the body. 1 Corinthians 12 talks of these giftings. Just because it works for one family, woman, or man, doesn't mean it is what God has for you. God has created all of us with different needs, strengths, and weaknesses. I encourage you to pray and seek the Lord's leading, if you are feeling convicted by a post, pray that He would give you good discernment. That you would be able to see the Truth and not what others want you to see. Always measure it with God's word.

  I have been guilty of some of what I mentioned above at one point or another. I know I don't have it all please don't think I do! I struggle with things just like all of you. I am a sinner, thankfully that has been redeemed by the grace of God! I'm not deserving of it, but thankfully God is loving and merciful enough to have sent His Son to pay the price. Thank you, Jesus!



  1. i agree...

    i think we need to weigh everything by HIS word, and it should primarily be our guide, and not the latest blog post, article, or book.

    i also think it's good to set limits of time online. i have only certain times that i let myself sit down and look at blogs or fb, because i can get sucked into a "internet" life, while real life is flying by and i am missing the REAL stuff. i may glance here and there throughout the day, but i don't sit in front of it for more than a few seconds if it is not the right time.

    though, i have to say, i have been very encouraged, convicted, and have learned a lot from other blogs, and stories. they are often blogs of my close friends though, and i know their lives. i love hearing others journeys toward HIM. again, everything needs to be in light of HIS word.

    i think we can become legalistic, trying to constantly compare ourselves with others, making their "lives" and "ways" our standards. that is so dangerous. HE only should be our standard, HIS word, should be what sets our standards. our desire should be to please HIM, to abide in HIM, not. what we are doing is making them our "god" and not HIM. it is subtle, and that is why it can be such a trap.

  2. I soo know what you are saying! That is one thing I struggle with with this blogging, facebook world. The fakeness that can be portrayed. Sometimes I just feel like writing on facebook that "I got my kids fed and off to school but the rest of us are sitting here in our pjs knowing I should do the dishes but really don't feel like it." To just be real and say how it really is. That I'm not a perfect Mom and wife and housekeeper but I'm perfect before God and my family loves me as I am. Each of us have to live the lives that God has planned for us, not the one we think we should because of how we see someone else living.
    Very well written. Thank you

  3. Wow how crazy that you just blogged this because I just read this article, ... that can totally relate to what you just wrote! Seems like others minds are thinking the same as ours!

  4. Oh and please don't give up blogging unless of course you really feel you should! I love reading your blog!

  5. let's not error, and think that the Mama who isn't dressed is in sin and is wrong. this can also be a dangerous path to legalistic thinking. we have no idea if she is in sin doing this. she may be... but, this is not sin in and of itself. there are so many gray areas, strong convictions we all carry, but... unless it is a black and white area we have to be careful.

    whatever is not done in faith is sin.

    through scripture we can see that Holiness and a Holy life-style is SO important, but it most flow from an abiding in Christ or it become legalism. is Jesus the one setting our life standards, is HIS word our gauge, or is "that blog" or "book" setting it.

  6. Legalistic is a great way of saying what can happen. And it's very easy to have that mindset if you aren't careful.

    My intent wasn't to say that wearing your pj's all day is sinning (I myself wear pj's most days, in trying to keep my slim pickins wardrobe from getting dirty when I'm doing things around the house). I don't think God judges people for how they dress, and neither should we. I had said that this mom is in her pj's sitting around idol. It was just an example...Meaning that, while blogging about how perfectly organized her home is, and all the tips and tricks of how she gets is all done, yet has done nothing and her house is in shambles. It gives a false sense of what really is happening. She's making herself look good, instead of being honest.

  7. I totally understood what you meant about sitting around idol. I myself prefer to be in my "sweats" at home because I have a slim picking wardrobe too! Soo much more comfortable. No sin there!


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