Monday, March 28, 2011

Vision Forum

  I hope all of you have heard of and shopped with Vision Forum. The last few years, this is where almost all of our Christmas gifts have come from, for our children. They have wonderful toys, books, cd's, dress up clothes, and so much more. They encourage boys to be real men, and girls to be feminine ladies. How often do you find that in a store? Alexis our 10yr old very much enjoys all the dolls and books. Addison our 3yr old loves dressing up the Liberty doll. Our boys, Ty 7yrs and Gabe 5yrs, love the swords & shields, the military garb, and marshmallow shooters! :)

Jonathan Park adventures are wonderful to spark the imagination in you children!

  There is plenty for us adults too. I love these dvd's  homestead blessings, the how to's of baking, gardening, and even candle making.

  I have officially become an affiliate with Vision Forum. Meaning that when you click on any of the ads on my blog page and purchase from Vision Forum, I receive a percentage. I really felt like this is a great way for me to help out financially without being gone from home. So please, if you are wanting to purchase from Vision Forum, click through one of my links. It doesn't cost you anymore than if you were to go directly to Vision Forum yourself. So, why not just go through here! :) Whether it be an ad on my sidebar or from this posting, it all works the same. And they are having a huge sale 40-70% off!
Large dvd collection
Their dvd's are inspiring and educational. They also have great family flicks.



  1. I had never heard of it but I will be checking it out.

  2. Hmm looks good! If my kids are going to watch anything they are going to learn something good while they are doing it!

  3. cool! we have loved the movies your mom has sent us from them! i will definitely go "through" you to them :0).

  4. Thanks! Our kids love those movies! I wonder if she got us the same ones? The boys favorite is "The Widow's Might." They think it's hilarious when the boys in the movie are making their western movie.


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