Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekday Wear

Weekday Wear

Weekday Wear by messybunch featuring an isabella oliver maternity

  I thought I'd do a little maternity post for this week's "Weeekday Wear", in honor of announcing the addition of a new baby, Lord willing, around October 15th to our household! Let's just say that these last few months have not been a cake walk like they usually are for me. I've been feeling lots of nausea, been extremely fatigued, and a bit snippy. I'm pretty sure I still shouldn't be complaining since many friends and family members receive a horrible dose of all of it most of their pregnancy. I am blessed...just not use to this sort of thing. 

  An outfit like this one makes me smile! It gives me hope that someday soon, the temperature will match the beautiful sunshine that has poked her head in our windows. I'm sure I'll regret that statement in the dead of summer when I can't bear to go outside because it is in the 100's but, for now I'll enjoy the thought. ;) Every piece included here is super versatile. Each one can be worn with many different pieces from your wardrobe, thus causing it to not be crazy expensive in the long run. The total w/ jewelry is $247...w/out jewelry $121! Can you believe these sandals are only $17 ??? What a deal! I love the fact that the purse ties in all the colors. Usually I shy away from adding so many colors. I have this matching problem. But, I tend to be much bolder while I'm pregnant, not sure why, I just am. So this works for me. The Mystique ring pulls the beautiful purple from the bag, and the Sea Glass necklace really ties in the yellow from the sandals and the blues from the bag and top! Love it!! 

  What are your favorite things to wear during your pregnancies?

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