Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Update 2

  Yesterday was a crazy day! I had my appointment scheduled for 1:30pm and needed to call in at 12:30 to make sure the Doc would be in. Well, I called and sure enough he was in surgery! They asked for a number to reach me at when they were ready for me to come in. 3pm rolls in and I get the call (thankfully I was able to go) and get to the office...and wait...and wait...and wait. I was a bit annoyed. Got into the room around 4...and waited...and waited...and finally around 4:30 Doc rolls in. Let's just say, I wasn't expecting a giant man! :) I think he's about 6'4" and big (not in a heavy way, just big). Reminds me of a small town doctor, with salt and pepper hair, that knows everyone's name and takes his time getting to know ya. Different, but in a good way. :) I shouldn't be too put out by waiting, since when it's my turn to deliver, he will make others wait for me.

  So long story short, I'm now 2-3 cm dilated, baby's head is at 0 station (the good news I was praying for with all the contractions I've been having throughout the last was for something!), and now it's just a waiting game. This is the tricky part for me. Patience is not my forte! Although, I got to thinking about why oh why we want the baby to come now? Once miss or mr gets sleep...engorgement...sore other things...hormonal dives...and again no sleep. So, I have surrender to the waiting game happily...well for right now I'm fine with waiting. :) Although I really want to meet this little person! 

  Did I mention that I had a dream Monday night? I dreamt that I was in labor, a very quick and easy labor and delivered a 12lb 2oz little girl named Ireland Grace. And it was the least painful delivery I ever had and the baby was huge! hahaha   Don't you love the subconscious?



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