Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Update 3

  Hopefully today was my last doctors appointment for this pregnancy. I'm trying to be optimistic, but only God knows. The Dr. did confirm my fear that this baby is "sunny side up". I had that with our first and let just say, "it was no walk in the park to get her here!" I was telling Bob that I really didn't know how bad it was until I had a few more babies to compare it with. It didn't seem so horrible at the time (or right after), but now knowing how less painful labor is without all the back labor, I'm kinda freaked out! I shall be spending many a hours on all fours trying to get this baby to flip! I already mopped the kitchen floor and wiped down all the cabinets while I was down there...now it's just a matter of playing on the floor with the little ones...since all I have left is carpet to vacuum (which you can't do on hands and knees).  :)

  On an interesting note, I got to know my Dr. a bit better today. We talked about the kids being at the delivery (at least the older ones) and he is all for it. He has 10 children of his own (all adopted) and he told me a bunch of fascinating stories about how his boys came to "work" with him and looked in on many a labor and delivery. Another was about a 6 year old boy who was trying to get as close to the "action" as he could, so doc decided to put a gown on him and allowed him to sit on his lap through the whole delivery! That ones a bit out there for me, but I found it refreshing to see how he truly loves his job. He thinks birth is such a wonderful opportunity for families to welcome a little one into this world and was very much encouraging us to bring all the children with us. I asked him about how he felt about it being too graphic and scary for them, and his reply was, "Yes, they see it all happen, if you want them that close, and you could call it graphic, but they will forget about that, and remember that wonderful experience that not many get of welcoming their sibling into this world. That is a beautiful thing!" I seriously sat there in disbelief! I think if I hadn't been aware of my jaw, it would have been on the floor! lol  I couldn't wrap my brain around how "natural" this OB doctor was. He finds children to be a wonderful blessing, and he thinks it's best to use every opportunity to teach something to them.

  As I told Bob all of this he kind of smiled and said, "Sounds good!" :)  If we do decide to bring the kids with us, I'm pretty sure ours will be a PG rated delivery. No one from my waist down! lol Think about it this way: How many times does a little one walk into a L&D room after baby has arrived and wonder "why on earth is there a baby in my moms arms?" "where did that come from?" I think plenty. What if the little ones were there to witness at a distance the arrival of their sibling baby? Do you think maybe it wouldn't be such a strange sight to them? I think so. Now I'm sure that 95% of you reading this think we've fallen off our rockers, but I think it's definite food for thought. Alexis was 7yrs old when she witnessed Addison being born. She has begged to be there ever since. Bob and I asked her why she liked going and her response was, "I loved being the first one to see the baby!" It's a special time for a family. You just brought a new life into the world! You can't ever get those moments back...it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Never again will that same situation come about.


The boys overheard our conversation and came downstairs packed for the hospital. They even packed a stuffed animal for the baby. A boy and a girl one. They have their pj's and I noticed Gabe even packed a notebook so he could color while he waited! I found this adorable :)


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