Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

  I thought I'd share some of my favorite baby items with you. Like I've said before, I'm pretty simple when it comes to babies. There are a few things though that I absolutely love!

  *First off, all in one cloth diapers from bumGenius are a must. They are user friendly and save you a ton of money in the long run. I will however be using Pampers Newborns until this little one stops needing to be change 18 times a day...that would be way too much work with cloth.

 *Babylegs are such a great product. They keep your little ones warm without having to undress them to change a diaper. The bonus is they are super cute!

  *As for blankets, I am stuck with the soft chenille ones from Target. My friend Jamie gave Gabriel one for a baby gift 6yrs ago, and I won't ever look elsewhere! Addie had one in the girlie color and Shelby just used hers. They are soooo soft and stretch, yet don't slip off like some super soft blankets. I do have to say that I'm not super fond of the boy blanket color they have this season, but the girls is adorable. If this tells you anything...even though I'm not a big fan of the coloring for the boys, I'd still buy it if this is a little man! :)

  *When it comes to shoes you can't buy anything for a wee one but the Robeez. They keep their socks on and they stay on as well. So many different patterns to pick from that it's hard to have just one pair! They're so dang cute :)

  *The Mary Jane's from Trumpette are a bit impractical because they are socks, and they do fall off when they are really little, but they are adorable!!! I received these as a baby gift with Shelby, and they were a big hit everywhere we went.

  *As for a diaper bag, Petunia Pickle Bottom is the way to go if you don't mind spending a small fortune. I fortunately didn't have to with Shelby since a sweet friend gifted it to me! I loved that diaper bag! It's in shambles now, but it was great. It has a fold out changing pad built into the front that zips up and in, plus is removable for washing. Not to mention the fabrics from Petunia Pickle Bottom are gorgeous! I love the brocade patterns, especially the one above with the gold and aqua colors. It can be carried on your shoulder, across the chest like a satchel, or worn as a backpack. Bob especially liked that fact...backpack is more man friendly that a shoulder worn diaper bag. :)

  *If this is a girl, we will be doing earrings again. I absolutely love a baby girl with earrings! It gives them that extra touch femininity. At least we find it adorable. :)

  *The Chicco's car seat is a great one. I love the form that is for the infant size. It doesn't trap heat around the top of their head like most of the head cushions. So no more sweaty baby.

  *Since we are coming into fall/winter a cute little hat is a must! I just thought these were cute :)

  *Also, the flower hair clips are a great addition to any little girl or the headbands for the bald little lady~

  *The Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover, is dangerous! Once you go there, you can't go back! Where these have been my whole nursing life, I don't know? I do know that if I didn't have one, my job of chasing kids would become much harder. As a mom to 5, well I guess it will be 6 shortly, you have to be mobile while you nurse. It's just a reality, at least for me it is. 

  *Aveeno baby wash is to die for delicious smelling! I always have loved the Johnson & Johnson baby wash, but I have to say that the Aveeno beats it in the smelling test. Nothing like the clean scent of a newborns head...
  *Lansinoh's lanolin is purely the best at what it is for, cracked, sore nipples from breastfeeding. It is totally natural and has super healing strength. I know most lactation nurses would say to just use your own breast milk in the same manner, but for me that didn't work. At least not as quickly and efficiently as using the lanolin. Along the lines of breastfeeding, you'll need nursing pads. I prefer the Lansinoh brand over others I have tried. This is definitely one of those products that I'm sure works for some and not for others. For me they work great! 

  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed looking through my favorites list. What are your "Can't live without!" items? I love hearing what others have found! 


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