Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big One...

  The biggest deal of the century, or at least my century, I scored last week! I seem to always be one step behind when it comes to finding a good deal. Praise God, He allowed me to find this one...

  My dad and I were walking around Lowes, looking for some flooring and bathroom vanities for our bonus room renovation, and I figured we should take a look at the clearance section. As we are standing there, I noticed two big boxes. I thought to myself, "Wonder what's in there?" I went around the other side to find tags that said, "Clearance $17.60 Was $199.00". Breakwater Blue storage pedestals! Same color family as my washer and dryer, not the exact color, but close enough to make it worth buying them!

  The logical side of me says, "Don't do it! You're doing fine with the setup you have, and Bob hasn't been working for 3 weeks. That's $38 you don't have to spend right now." The free spirited side is jumping for joy at this steal of a deal, and saying, "Sweet! Load 'em up!" Thankfully my dad is a free spirited type when it comes to deals and says, "What? You can't not get them! You'd be crazy not to!". So thankfully my dad footed the $38 bill, and I now have my beautiful pedestals that took only 5hrs to install...Gasp!! Sorry honey! I really didn't think it would take more than 30 minutes to get them in. Boy, was I wrong!

Addie trying to help us lift the ducting.
"I got it Daddy!"
"Good Job, Addie!"
We tried it, but I ended up climbing back there to hold it.
Bob pushing the dryer back into its spot.
Don't they look lovely!?
Here is the real color without flash...kind of a Seafoam Green with a Grey Blue
Lincoln trying them out.
Kisses from Daddy
The end result! I'm a happy girl!

So there is my awesome find for the year! Not bad :) It makes the room seem bigger and I now don't have to stuff myself into the dryer to get what's in the back! Oh, and a big thanks to our neighbor Ryan for lending us some plumbers tape!!


  1. That really was an awesome steal!!!! They look so cool! I am so jealous of your washer and dryer, we just have the Hayden Homes stock washer and dryer. You're welcome for the plumber's tape...happy to help. If you ever need anything tool/fix-it related we likely have it since our last house was 90+ years old and was one giant project :)

    1. Don't be too jealous....they don't do cloth diapers well AT ALL. :) Otherwise, they are pretty awesome. :)

  2. Cloth diapers are the reason I was okay with just getting a standard top loader no frills machine. When we were looking at houses new front loaders were actually a "con" and not a "pro"...our realtor was shocked. Once Haylie is out of diapers I really want some new fun and fancy machines, I will just need to break the ones we have to justify the expense :)


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