Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Got the Time?

  It dawned on me that I must set my alarm clock like no other. I was watching a tv program the other night and the character's alarm clock went off at 6:58am. Hmmm? Why would someone set it for 2 minutes before 7am, and not 6:55, or even 7am? Why 6:58?....

  Then it occurred to me that I have NEVER set my alarm clock but in 5 minute increments. It looks weird to my eye. It's either 6:55 or 7 am. It would have never crossed my mind to have set it at 6:58! I don't know why I never thought of struck me as a weird thing to have not EVER have set it for such a time...

Maybe it's the same reason I have to eat skittles, or peanut M&M's (who wants to eat a plain M&M anyways?!) with specific colors, and in even numbers (unless I'm really hungry, and then it's a free for all!). Didn't you know red goes with yellow, and orange? Or that brown goes with yellow or orange (no red)? And blue, and green go together? 

  I'm showing my insanity here! Truly this is where my mind goes while eating them. Oh goodness, I do sound like a crazy person! Lol

  So anyways back to my discovery of how strange I am. Am I the only one that thinks this way? Or do I have fellow crazies doing the same strange stuff??! Who woulda thunk you could get an extra few minutes of sleep not using my 5 minute rule!!! Lol



  1. Oh, we do this on other stuff too ... the volume on the TV must be at 15 or 20 or 25 ... the stove must be to 350 even, not 348 ... digital craziness, right?!


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