Tuesday, May 10, 2011


  Welcome to the world of boys! If you don't have one, you really need to get yourself one. Your life will never be dull or boring.

They will give you a reason to color your hair.
They turn the most skiddish mother into an insect, reptile, amphibian loving lady.
They always know how to make their mom smile.
They are always thinking of something to destory build.
They make you proud with their accomplishments...yet cringe at some choices.
They will always try to be one step ahead of you.
They keep you young at heart.
They can turn any area in the home into a sports facility or any household object into a sporting tool...whether it be your hallway, couch, bed, bathtub, spoon, foil, plastic cups, bowls, etc... 
They are honest with their opinions, whether or not we like it, it's always honest.
They're the muscle you need when your hubby is at work, even if they are only 8.
They are sensitive and tough all wrapped up into one little body.
They will always laugh when someone makes a not so attractive noise.
They will allow you the privilege of using your medical insurance to the fullest.
They can turn a bad situation, where they should be severely punished, into one that you know you shouldn't laugh at, but how can you not when all you're thinking is "how did they do that?"

  Now doesn't that make you want one of these precious little boys?! :) Here is one example of a boys mind:

 The boys were told they couldn't have a bat to play baseball in the backyard. So they decided a plunger they found in the garage would make the best substitute for a bat. :) 

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! ~Heather


  1. Love that picture! Miss your boys!

  2. Yep, we need our boys!
    I needed a boy yesterday when there was a snake on my back patio and my husband was at work! My son is fearless!
    I didn't want that thing slithering back in the grass and knowing its out there somewhere....tho there are probably many more out there!


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