Friday, May 13, 2011


  Today I decided to switch up my Dr. and go to the true and tested Midwife. I have struggled with this decision since we found out we were expecting. Some say, "Dr." some say, "Midwife" and I feel like I've gotten stuck between. I have used a Midwife with the last 4 babies, had wonderful results, and the 1st one I used a Family Practitioner (so still technically not a true OB doc). My 1st appointment with my Dr. was extremely stressful and although he seemed very nice and informed, I still almost 10weeks later was still trying to decide if I should go back to him. Which isn't a good sign to me.

Here's a little history as to why all of the sudden I am having difficulty deciding:
  Bob and I after we moved last year put this movie into our list on Netflix The Business of Being Born. My SIL recommended we watch it. I really don't recommend watching it with your husband or kids. There are way too many women birthing in the nude for my taste and eyes. We fast forwarded through almost all the deliveries because of this. It is very eye opening and educational as to how hospitals and doctors sometime work. I would recommend it as well, just make sure you have your remote handy to skip through all the immodest parts. This has really struck home as to decisions we make. The people we put in charge of our lives. It's food for thought!

  At Bible study on Wed. I met a new lady that seemed very informed about Dr.'s and Midwives alike in this area. I explained my issue and she offered up the suggestion of a great Midwife. I found out this morning that it is the same Midwife that one of my friends here used for her last pregnancy/delivery. I called to see if I could get in with this particular Midwife, which I was able to. If my phone conversation has any indication as to how things will go at this office, I will be thrilled. The receptionist was extremely helpful, kind, and very informative.

  Anyways, I would just like to ask that you would pray for us. That this is what God's will would be for us. Birth and babies is serious business. That I/we would have a peace about this decision and that this pregnancy would go smoothly and both baby and I would be healthy throughout it.


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  1. the film is definitely eye opening! and has some really good points to think through. i only had Brice watch a few parts, because you're right, there was too many "all natural birthing" shots.


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