Thursday, May 26, 2011

O Baby!

  Here are my favorite pictures you get on an ultrasound. 
I just love their tiny little feet!
 Here is the best body pic we have...
not good, but you get the picture. :)
 Sweet little hand...
Our first ever opportunity to see a 3D ultrasound and this was as good as it got. It's kind of a side profile if you can make it out. That blob would be my placenta...on the front of my uterus of all places. Never had that before!

  Thank you for all your prayers! We had a tech that spent 10 years as a high risk ultrasound tech, so she has seen a lot in her years, and gave us a thumbs up on this little one. Hopefully the radiologist agrees. :) 

  It's always so exciting to see the excitement in the children's eyes when they see the baby on the screen. We've always taken them to see each new addition in hopes of it creating even more of an eagerness to meet their new brother or sister. It gives them a sense of reality that they wouldn't have otherwise. They were all smiling ear to ear, and oohing and aahing as the tech told them what each feature was. Even little Shelby kept saying, "baby?" and pointing to the screen. So cute!! The kids were so good too. Thank you, Lord! They all sat quietly with their books and waited patiently for the 45minutes it took for them to bring them back to the room (they always have to wait for the "tour" to be done before they allow little ones to come in). 

  Now the true test will be to see if the hubby can keep the gender a secret! It's driving me a bit batty not knowing and knowing he does. lol I told him he has about 142 days to keep it up...can he do it? Please, Lord...I hope so. Anyways, it is always exciting to see a miracle growing and know that the Lord has had this planned all along. He blesses us more than we deserve. I pray that we will do the job he has for us and do it well. By His strength alone this can be accomplished...may that be our continual prayer for our children, family, and lives.



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