Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

  I have never ever liked April Fools Day. There is something about looking like a fool that doesn't appeal to me. Here is the one and only story of April Fools that I once decided to participate in...and because of this story, will not ever participate in again! :) 

 About 4 years ago, my husband and I thought it would be funny to pull a prank on my parents. His companies office is in Vancouver, but they also have an office in Pasco (about 4hrs from each other.) At the time, Bob and I had discussed how nice it would be to move to where there was more sunshine and less rain (Pasco.) We figured it would be an easy move, considering all Bob would have to do is transfer offices. No job hunting, easy! Of course this was all just talk at the time! Anyways, we decided to tell my parents that Bob got transferred to the Pasco office and we would have to move immediately. So as my Mom, sister, and I were in the Orchards Fred Meyers that morning, I happened to say "Oh yeah, Mom, by the way, Bob was told yesterday that he has been transferred to the Pasco office in Eastern Washington." (thinking my mom would be sad that we were moving.) At first she was like "You can't move away!" Then I saw the light go on, she says "How wonderful, your dad and I can move there too! We'll come with you!!" (You see my mom has the same obsession with the sunshine as I do...hers might even be more extreme.) Can you say BACKFIRE??? Here I thought that she was going to be like "You can't go!" "Why would you want to move?" But no, she was delighted! 

  After we left Fred Meyers, we were heading out to my dads office so that they could take the kids to the circus that was at the Rose Garden. Bob was going to a Trailblazers game with a friend, and I can't remember what I had to do, but I was going somewhere. We got to my dad's office and my mom immediately says "Brian, we're moving to Pasco!" He looked a little was just beaming. (My dad is like me...we could move pretty much anywhere and be he was like "What? Why would we move there?" but, kinda had that "O.K." look to him.) I felt really bad, really bad! So, I spilled the beans. "We aren't being transferred. April Fools!!" ;) Let's just say they weren't too happy. Especially my mother. We all left and went our own way. 

  Later that night around 11pm, I was the first to arrive back home. When I pulled into the driveway I noticed the side door (which we used a front door) was cracked open.  I am such a fraidy cat when it comes to the dark, then you add a door to my house open! I wouldn't even get out of my car! I called Bob, no answer, so I left a message. So I went to my parents place a few miles away and waited there for everyone to get home. I did call my parents in the mean time and filled them in on it. My dad was going to stop by and check it out. Bob as well got my message and went home to see what the fuss was about. I get a phone call at my parents place from Bob. This is the short version of how it went: bob : "Ahh, Heather, umm you might want to come home. The police are on their way, some one ransacked our house. Who knows what they stole. The cops want to get your statement." me: "What?! You've got to be kidding me?" (All the while I'm thinking I can never sleep in that house again! I felt totally violated. How was I going to tell my kids everything was alright, when someone just broke into our house?) bob: "You'd better hurry over here, the cops will be here any minute!" me: "Alright I'm coming." 

  As I arrive home, there were no cops. I thought well that's weird. I walked into the house and they were all standing in the kitchen with little smirks on their faces..."April Fools!!!!" hahahaha! I was so mad and upset, that I slammed the door, it had a glass window (an old glass window) and it almost shattered it. I might have even shed a tear or two. It's a horrible feeling to think that someone had come through your home! It still bothered me months later. I couldn't think of anything but that every time I came home. 

  So learn from my mistakes...don't play April Fools jokes, unless you can handle the consequence of your joke!  I could not. :) No more April Fools jokes for this girl! I learned my lesson and learned it well.

(Oh yeah, the door must have just not closed all the way when we left. It happened sometimes if we didn't shut it hard enough, but I had never found it that way late at night.) :)



  1. O my! That would be one joke I could not handle either! I told Travis last night that it was Apirl Fools day tomorrow so be prepared for jokes. I said that I'm just too nice to play jokes, so I wouldn't be fooling anyone. Anyways, one of his guys told him he was quitting them and gave Travis his notice this morning, it went on for a while and then he said April Fools! Travis totally fell for it!


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