Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tumble Books

  Our family loves Tumble Books! It's a great way to help with reading and for those who can't read, a great place to have a book read to you. I'm sure many other libraries have Tumble Books on their websites, but I haven't looked into it. We use Tumble Books through Fort Vancouver Regional Library,

  All you need is your library card number to access this free site. There are many options to choose from. One is the read along. This is were the words light up as they are read by the narrator. The second is Story Book. This is were the narrator reads to the child and turns the pages automatically. The third is Tumble TV. This is were all the books of the chosen grade level play through alphabetically. The fourth is Puzzles and Game. The fifth is Language Learning. These are books written & read in a different language. The sixth is Non Fiction Books. Many are about animals and famous people. There is even an option to make Your Playlist...this allows you to customize books for your child to listen to or read each time they log onto Tumble Books.

  Tumble Books are even on Face Book! If your library doesn't supply a link to Tumble Books, maybe they would subscribe by your request. It's a great tool for homeschooling, or passing the time when it's a rainy day or just too cold to play outside. Check them out!

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