Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful November Day 13

Day 13- I am thankful for my Keens. Sounds dumb, right? Well, my feet, and my mind hate shoes! Sounds a bit dramatic, right? Let me be the first to tell you...I'm not exaggerating! Socks need to be thrown in that category as well. Sandals, and flip flops are my cup of tea. Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter, Sleet, Snow, Hail...I'm beginning to sound like the mailman...SANDALS. Do my feet freeze? Possibly. Do my heels crack and are hideous? Yes. Do I care? Not so much. ;)  Will I wear the same wonderful sandals everyday year round? Of course. Welcome to my thinking. Comfort, freedom, and flexibility...that is what a sandal brings! {Maybe I should have made this post about sandals...hmm}

Anyhoo, that was all until about a month ago...and then I found my soul mate in shoes! These Keenes are comfortable, warm, heel healing, wonders! I call them, "Tomeos" as in Toms/Romeos. Ha, how do you like that? Pretty clever, hey?! ;) They have a similar look to Toms (I hate toms...no offense to Tom lovers...I just think they look cheap...and I'm sure my sandals look cheap...I'm just giving an opinion...not judging...so do hate) and yet the comfort of a Romeo (which I too think are a homely looking shoe...but I now understand why a man, and sometimes women, wear these homely shoes...they are sooo comfortable). It's the perfect mate..."Tom" the cool guy..."Romeo" the romantic="Keen" the smart guy, with a bit of cool, wrapped in romance...see the perfect mate! Well, at least for me! 

Get ready for it...get ready for it...ta da! 

Here are the best shoes EVER!

They even have a fun, flirty interior!

And the best part...they will last FOREVER! Because they are that good! ;)


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