Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful November Part II

Day 7- I am thankful for the beautiful country side! Living in the desert has helped me to really, truly, appreciate the beauty of God's creation. When we go back to visit family on the west side of the state, the color of the trees and shrubs just ignites a color showcase in your eyes! It is so lush, so green, so beautiful! The fall is my most favorite time to witness this color, orange, green, yellow. It's magnificent. The drive to the west side is also beautiful when the too extremes collide. You have color sprinkled around the desert landscape. Trees start to slowly fill in the barren land. The farther you go, the lusher it becomes...

Day 8- I am thankful for Lincoln's first baseball game. He enjoyed himself so much this summer! I think it was from all the games he attended of his brothers. He really seemed to like it! It was one of the first nights that it wasn't 90° at 9pm at night. It was a very pleasant evening. The kids enjoyed themselves...they ran the field during the 7th inning stretch and were rewarded with free pizza coupons from Pizza Hut...that was the highlight of their evening. :) So here we are at Mr. Linc's first Dust Devils game. 

 Day 9- I am thankful for the Dust Devils! We were able to spend the afternoon watching one of their practices earlier this year. A few of the players were having batting practice when Gabriel asked if we could come in a watch. They said, "Sure, don't see why not!" They were kind and talkative to the kids. The coaches were very nice...there were even coaches from the Colorado Rockies there looking at the players to see which they should pull up to the majors! (THe Dust Devils are a Rockies farm team). They spoke with Ty and Gabe and wanted to make sure they were having a good time watching, and that they were learning from what they saw. It was really quite nice of them. They even gave them a practice ball to take home...the simple things...that's what life is about. 

The boys checking out the practice.

Day 10- As much as I get tired of baseball...I am thankful for our boys opportunities living here. They are a part of a great organization that really has a great thing going. I didn't realize how much so, until I spoke with my friend Diane today and we were discussing the pros and cons of living away from everyone. Well, this is a definite pro on my list. Sports scholarships will most likely be the way our boys get to college. I'm not against an academic scholarship, I just am a realist...our boys are talented. They have a natural ability to learn the game without having to spend every single day doing it through out the year. I remember during the summer, once AllStars was ending, I mentioned to a mom on the team that I couldn't wait to box up ALL the baseball gear and not see it again until next season! Her jaw dropped and she said, "Seriously? Even their gloves?! They won't be playing fall ball, or doing any clinics?" I then lied...I know it's not good...and said, "Oh, well not the gloves!" Seriously...ALL the baseball gear goes away and the boys have time to just detox from the long season. I have always said, "If it's God's will for them to get scholarships, and to be great at something...He'll give them the natural talent." No need to be spending a ton of money and time on clinics and needless things when your kids are 9yrs old. I can see to do those types of things once high school is closing in, but not at this again. It burns a kid out, then they never want to play again, and they have lost all their love for the game. 

Ty and his friend Jayden

Ty's AllStars team took 2nd place in their tourney

Day 11- I am so very thankful for my Secret Sister! I love the fact that I have someone praying for me! We all need prayer, and I for sure always need prayer! It's so fun to receive a card in the mail with a little note from my Secret Sister, saying they are praying for me. My dear Secret Sister also sends out sweet treats, like my caramel apple that was delivered to my door. As well as a Red Robin & Roasters gift cards. Such a sweet thought and treat to get!

The best caramel apple I have ever had! So delish!
Day 12- I am thankful for coffee! I hated coffee, until my friends here drank it so much, that I felt left out not drinking it! lol Definitely an acquired taste. But I do love it now. Peppermint White Chocolate way...year round...I LOVE IT! My friend Janice says, "It's a Christmas drink!" Not for Heather...I'll take it all day, any day! A little bit of joy in a cup! ;) Although a blame them for my waist line that has been destroyed! lol {Because I had nothing to do with "picking it up and drinking the liquid deliciousness, with whipped cream and as big as I can buy} ;) hehe

Peppermint White Choc Frapp & Mexican Doughnuts!


  1. You are awesome! Loved reading this and got a good dose of Heather-happiness that I missed. XOXO

    1. Oh you just wait...there's more to come! Hahaha ;)


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