Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful November Day 25

Day 25- Today I am thankful that my husband, after 13 yrs of marriage or 13 Christmases, finally put Christmas lights on our house! Ahh...pure bliss! Such a beautiful sight. I don't think he even understands how much this means to me. Every year I have begged and begged for him to put lights on the house, then it turned into the kids begging along with me {pathetic, I know}...always to be disappointed. One year I had my dad come over and put them up with me...and that was the one and only year we have ever had them..because it was cold and yucky, and too much work! lol. A lot of the reason for his veto to the lights was probably was due to the fact that lights are not a big deal to my hubby. It's more of a chore than a treat. And thankfully when he was done, he thought it was very much worth the effort! 

{Which translates to: "We'll be getting them next year too!" insert happy dance!}

 Icicle lights are my fave! Warm white icicles...are just beautiful...classic...and will warm your heart. I know, they're just Christmas lights, but don't they evoke inside of you something so pure, so innocent, so joyful?! Ahh, well they do in me. They just give a pretty glow to an ordinary structure. They turn a play house into a fairytale cottage. The kids were so thrilled to have colored icicles in their play house. They go out as soon as it's dark, with their blankets and mittens and read books out there, or draw up their Christmas lists while snuggling in blankets dreaming about Christmas morning. 

I would so go sleep out in that play house...if it weren't so cold! ;) 



  1. I love that you put up Christmas lights in the kids playhouse!!! How cute is that!!! But yeah, going out after dark sounds way too cold for me!

    1. Ty and Alexis tackled that job, and did a great one at that! I love how it turned out!


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