Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful November Day 24

I am thankful for my neighbors. I do not love living in a subdivision. Yes, there are a few perks, but that's it...a few. Our neighbors would be the one major perk! God placed us in the perfect spot for living in one. There are really only a couple houses with kids near us, a few singles, but mainly newlyweds.

One of the singles has become a very dear friend....we actually would consider her family, if someone asked ;) She is a dream of a neighbor! Always looking out for us, us looking out for her. Her parents come to visit, and the kids flock to them like's very sweet.

Then we have a family with 2 young girls. They have become friends over these last few years, and are always a blast to have a game night with, chat in the front yard for hours, share my love of cloth diapering, talk sports with Bob, and are just good friends!

Our next door neighbors...are our perfect neighbors! They really are the best. They love our kids. They are young newlyweds, and they are just the sweetest couple. They are kind enough, and young enough, to find it more amusing then frustrating to receive an egg or a lime over the fence on occassion. They keep our baseballs and bouncy balls and play a game with them before they give them back (all while the kids laugh and hang over their fence). They truly are the best neighbors...ever. She will trade the kids flowers and tomatoes for a smile, and even give the kids one of their puppies....they love her (and him)...especially Gabe, Shelby, and Addie. Always a kind smile for the kids and makes them feel important.

Another family across from us has 4 kiddos. They run and play with ours, creating hours of imaginative play in the backyard, and we really enjoy their company as a whole family...they're great.

The single guy across the way is always there to trade plant starts, and funny stories.

There is a single (frat house, type house) guy, with a bunch of roommates. They are fairly quiet, and nice. When you wave, they wave. When you have baseball fundraising cards, they buy them up, no questions asked, and say, "Good luck! We miss playing ball!"

Then there is the neighbors with the young son. They are great to chat with and the kids will ride bikes in the front all afternoon with him...they always have fun with him.

Another neighbor offered Ty his first job this summer, mowing their backyard and picking up dog droppings. Ty was beyond excited to feel like a real man ;) Work is what makes him tick. Saving those dollars has been his mission. And thanks to the neighbors (whether they know or not), they have been a part of teaching our son, responsibility, finances, and a servant type heart. That is a great and wonderful thing.

So we are truly thankful for the dear neighbors that surround our home, and make living in close quarters very livable! :)


  1. Aaaawwww, thanks Heather. We are truly thankful for your family as well and the bonds that have formed since moving in 2 years ago. We don't love living in a subdivision either but great neighbors make it a whole lot easier.

  2. Sounds like a great neighborhood! I don't like living in a subdivision either. There is only 1 other kid within a block that I'm aware of. :(


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