Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eating Out

Many people have asked us how we are able to still eat out and do fun activities with a family our size. Bob and I don't see our family as being REALLY big as some would say, but needless to say, that's what we hear more often than not.

So I'm going to share one of our tricks to still be able to enjoy restaurant food without depleting the bank account!

For this there are two options:

1)The we want to eat out, but we shouldn't spend $60 on one meal kind of night.
2)The we really don't have much extra for eating out, but you just have that "ohh, that sounds so good right now!" kind of night.

*The key for us is Applebee's Car Side to Go! Every Wednesday, all day, kids eat for $0.99. At first we assumed that it was one kids $0.99 meal for every adult meal purchased, but this is incorrect. For every adult meal you may purchase 4 kids meals at $0.99. When you use Car Side to Go, you don't pay tip and there isn't a need to buy 2 sodas at $2.95 a piece. So right there you saved $13.90! Especially since you pay tip on the regular price of the meals, not the sale price.

1) type of night:
-Bob and I will purchase the 2 for $20 Special. Bob gets Chicken Tenders Platter. I get the Fiesta Lime Chicken. Our appetizer usually is Onion Rings w/ bleu cheese dressing (they are the most filling, you get the biggest quantity and they are just plain GOOD!).

-For the kids we buy 5 Chicken Tenders Baskets with Fries and Chocolate Milk (which comes with the meal.)
-This whole meal totals: $27.02
-If you were to purchase this meal at regular price:$53.22 w/out tip or drinks.
-Saving $26.20 before tip and drinks!!!

2) type of night:

-I order Chicken Fajita Rollup.
-For the kids I order 4 Chicken Tenders Baskets. Bob makes a plate with one of the kids chicken strips each and a few fries from each. Shelby eats a PB&J sandwich because she's 1yr and doesn't care what she eats at this point.
-We all end up with what we like and what we normally get for only $14.02!!!
-Bob usually tips on this (because he feels guilty using there promotional...I say use it!)
-That's cheaper than going to a fast food restaurant!

*The beauty of having Applebee's 2 min. from your home is your food is back and on your table in less than 15 minutes from the time you call it in and pick it up. Again, faster than a fast food restaurant, no waiting in drive-thru lines, and you can eat in your P.J.'s if you want to!

Try it out next time you're crunched for $$ and wanting your yummy food fix...I guarantee you won't be sorry!

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