Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunshine...where art thou?

Have you ever noticed the lack of motivation or energy when our beautiful friend has not been around to visit? Or, is it just me?? By friend, I of course mean my beloved Sunshine! Saturday morning she graced us with her beams of sunlight bursting through the windows warming our faces. The day began with a boost of energy from the get go. A list then begins in my head of all the things that need to get done...the faces I need to find and say "Good Morning Sunshine" to. It gives me that "pep in my step" as my husband would say!

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We have not seen her since Saturday, it's been really gray, and I'm beginning to think that I am way too controlled by her presence. Maybe the winter time blues? I'm not sure, but it's absolutely ridiculous that I cannot function properly without her. Fatigue, moodiness, feeling like Eeyore...this is not good for me or my family! I think to myself "where is that 300 days of sunshine the Tri-Cities offers?" Then I remind myself that we might just be in the 65 day stretch without the can't be fast enough until she returns.

 I have heard of SAD which is a form of depression that is light related (seasonal depression.) I'm not sure that I'm that severe, but you never know. That involves light therapy, using a light box.

-Here are the symptoms of SAD:
Symptoms of winter SAD include:
* Fatigue
* Increased need for sleep
* Decreased levels of energy
* Weight gain
* Increase in appetite
* Difficulty concentrating
* Increased desire to be alone

Symptoms of summer SAD include:
* Weight loss
* Trouble sleeping
* Decreased appetite
 I'm more than positive that summer SAD is not related to me!

It's a bit scary, but the winter SAD is very close to point on, minus the desire to be alone (never been an issue with me, the more the merrier, although all the noise is starting to get to me most days!) Wouldn't be a bad idea to run it by a Dr. just to see.

Until then I will just keep on thanking God for the days that I do have, here and now. Praying that He will supply the light that I need! Thanking Him for being so forgiving to this grumpy girl. Thanking Him for my children who find "sunshine" everyday and me being witness to it. Thanking Him for a husband who knows & understands me and is willing to love me just the same.

**Praise You, Lord for your mercy, love, & grace!

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  1. Aww....praying the sun comes to visit us again!! We need to get together and visit! Can't wait to see you on Thursday:) Hopefully its not too snowy or icy:(


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