Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exercise...does a mind good!

   This last week the kids and I have been diligent in our exercise efforts. I know I've lived in a subdivision for 6 months now, but only 5 days ago did it dawn on me that I can run here. We have sidewalks, pavement, hardly any traffic, and I own a jogging stroller! Hallelujah, we can ALL go! (I hate running, I don't know why people do it, but when you need an event that everyone can do, young or old, this is it.) You see, we use to live in a very rural part of the world. lol No sidewalks, 55mph roads with gravel or hillside for your walking area, the occasional deer crossing...not ideal for traveling with children as your exercise partners, actually I don't think it's even very safe for an adult! :)

   Now that we have come to the city side of things, life just got easier. The 3 oldest kids need the exercise, so they get to run with me, and the 2 littlest ones get the smooth ride from the jogger, and we all need the fresh air. I had my husband trip it on the way home from work and our little loop is almost exactly 1 mile. It's just enough to get the blood pumping and clear a foggy mind. 
 I put on my iPod (I hope those things are sweat proof, cause being attached to this out of shape body, it gets a bit of a shower) and we hit the road. I find a little Lady Antebellum, Rob Thomas, and some Fergie do the trick!  Mr. Michael Buble finds his way in ever so often, but I let it slide. You can't fault a guy for trying to run with my cool mommy pack! lol  What's on your iPod that gets you energized? I'm all over the place. Do you stick with one type of music, or just whatever you're feeling like that day?

Here's what they look like when we get back:

   Some of us held up better than others!

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