Sunday, January 30, 2011

Excellent Beginnings!

  Last night I entered my last order to finish my Excellent Beginnings qualifications!!! 

  lia sophia has a wonderful program for new Advisors called Excellent Beginnings. This program allows new Advisors to earn jewelry premiums to spend on new pieces from the collection to add to their party samples. It begins from the date that you submit your starter party orders and goes for 15 weeks. There are 3 stages that you can qualify for in 5 week increments. In 15 weeks or less new Advisors can be filling up their displays...with $600 in free jewelry! Yes, you heard "less," meaning as soon as the new Advisor meets those sales goals, the certificates come flowing in! Now say you miss a goal, you still can continue onto the next goal in the next time frame. You can earn as little or as much as YOU want. Not to mention you get paid this whole time as well! 30% commission of all sales! Yay!! 
Week 1-5 When a new Advisor achieves $1,500 in total personal recognition sales* with a minimum of three qualified shows, they will be awarded a $200 jewelry certificate. 

Week 1-10 When a new Advisor reaches another $1,500 in sales bringing total personal recognition sales to date to $3,000, they will be given another $200 jewelry certificate. 

Week 1-15 When a new Advisor fulfills an additional $1,500 ($4,500 in total personal recognition sales to date) in the third set of 5 weeks (15 weeks into a lia sophia business), they will be awarded one more $200 jewelry certificate.

  Right around my last few dollars to qualify (I reached the $4,000 mark at 5 weeks in), I had 2 wonderful parties that sent me sailing right over my $4,500 goal to $5,617! I achieved approximately $1,250 in profit with $600 jewelry totaling $1850 in 12 weeks.

  I took a big break at Christmas and most of January to get back into the swing of things at home. So in the exact amount of weeks (taking out my vacation) it would have only been 7 weeks, doing about one party a week, and some were even catalog parties where I never left my house. Not bad!! :)

* Three qualified show are only required in the first five weeks of the Excellent Beginnings Program. A qualified show is a show that totaled $250 in personal recognition sales.

*Personal recognitions sales are the total sales of a show not including tax and shipping

  I'm so thankful that the Lord has provided this opportunity for me! I'm only gone for a few hours once a week in the evening and my profit it pitching in around here where it's needed. I get to meet so many new ladies that are potential friends, that I never would have met not doing this. It's hard when you're a homeschooling mom in a new city. You aren't going to school and meeting other moms, so if you aren't purposeful in meeting friends, it's not going to happen easily. Thankfully though, I was introduced to some wonderful ladies just after moving here...and it has been a great source of friendship! lia sophia helps broaden the circle of friends that much more...what a blessing! 

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  1. I'm glad that this business is working out so well for you. I'm am also thankful to have met you. I have very much enjoyed getting to know you.

  2. Me too! Well, that is that I've enjoyed getting to know you, not me! lol You all have been such a wonderful addition to my life (and my kids!) It was definitely by divine appointment!

  3. It's been great getting to know you! I feel like i've known you forever! Your posts are such an inspiration and always so interesting! :)

  4. Ditto! I know it's so crazy...maybe it's because I know a lot of the same people or something? Thanks for reading. It's hard to know if people are even reading if they don't comment. I love hear from you ladies! You like how I'm all over the board with posts?...Welcome to my brain! lol :)


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