Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankfulnes Day 20

Today I am thankful for:

 The Goodenoughs! Our bestest family friends ever!!!

Dan and the boys: Josh, Nate, and Luke
Jen and Dan
  They are our once in a lifetime family friends. They love our kids, we love their kids, their kids love our kids, our kids love their kids! Dan and Jen are our "safe" in...Bob could tell Dan anything about me and it wouldn't change his opinion of me, and I could tell Jen anything about Bob and her opinion wouldn't change of him. And you know it's safe with them. Every couple needs this! If you bottle stuff up, it eventually spews all over something, or someone it shouldn't. So they are our emergency help line, in a sense. :)

  Jen knows me better than I know myself. She tells me when I'm being crazy and ridiculous, and when I'm doing something well. I can call and talk to her for hours, sometimes about serious life changing things, and sometimes about absolutely nothing at all.

  Bob and Dan coach. They coach everything their boys play. Thankfully most years they coached together! Dan's a great man. A great friend to my husband and makes us laugh! His phone calls that last 30 seconds are the best for Bob. They leave him confused and amused all at the same time...always leaving a smile on Bob's face.

  The Goodenoughs make a difference in those lives they are involved in, and those that see from the outside. They love the Lord with all their hearts. This is ever present in the way they serve people. They are the hardest working, motivated people EVER! And the most generous.

  We have been blessed to call them friends!

For this I am truly thankful~

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