Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankfulness Day 8

Today I am thankful for:

  My mom! Today is her 60th birthday...I can't believe she is 60! She definitely doesn't look it.

I have come to realize that my mom's love language is service. She has spent our whole lives (as in her 3 kids) doing for us. I remember her driving my brother to his swim practices before school, 45 min from our house in the country into town, just so he could be on the swim team. I'm not talking 7am, I pretty sure it was leaving the house at 4am! Then she would sleep in the car while he practiced, then drove him to school. Every morning for the whole season. She would never miss one of my basketball games in high school. Every Sunday after church she cooks a great "Sunday dinner" for us all to consume. She would spend hours (along with dad) filling our stockings every Christmas. Making everything just right. After every one of my deliveries, she has made us dinners, cleaned our house, watched our kids, and been there to take pictures of the births. She's a "just tell me what to do and where to go, and I'll do it" kinda gal. She would be at the airport picking up my sister at anytime of night, after one of Amy's trips away. She's just always there when you need her!

  Like most moms, she doesn't get much credit for any of it. That's the beauty of motherhood...the ability to do without any thank yous, or pats on the back. You do it because you love them. That is a beautiful thing...

For this I am truly thankful~

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