Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankfulness Day 9 & 10

Today I am thankful for:

Day 9

Our dog Sophie. She is hands down the best dog ever! At least for our family! She has the sweetest disposition, she's loving, calm, very tolerant of little people pulling and tugging, and she doesn't eat much. :). She was gifted to us by my parents. And what a gift she is! We needed a dog who could withstand the daily torture from a bunch of little people. You can pretty much do anything, and she won't bite or snap. She allows the girls to dress her up in their Build A Bear outfits. She doesn't run away when she's out front with the us. She's just down right passive. lol

Day 10

The fact that we are only a 4 hour drive from family and friends. It makes it easy to go back and visit for holidays, and birthdays. We have the blessing of going back for 17 days tomorrow! The hubby will be hunting, and I will be socializing. :) Should be a great vacation for us all. Bob will get to be in the woods (his favorite place) hunting down elk and deer, that will hopefully end up in our freezer for meat for the next year. I have the pleasure of seeing friends and doing girls nights. We both get to spend time with our families. We get to eat turkey and pumpkin pie! I finally get to have my eye brows threaded (haven't found anyone here yet). I get to have my yearly hair cut (sad, I know!) And have the best coffee around, at Old Town with two of my dearest friends! Can't wait!!!!

For these things I am truly thankful...

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