Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankfulness Day 15

Today I am thankful for:

  Bob's job! Last year was a bad year. Now I know it could have been worse, way worse, but for us it was the scariest year we've ever had in our marriage of almost 12yrs. This year by September, we had made what Bob made the entire year last year. We moved in June of 2010, bought a nice new house, thinking there was plenty more work on the east side of the state, than the west. The first two weeks were good and after that he was back down to 13-18 hrs a week. Don't get me wrong, there were a few 28-30 weeks. A few as in maybe 2 or 3 that whole year. Our budget with a 40 hr a week pay check has very little squeak room already, but you turn that 40 into 13-18 hrs, and you have yourself a problem. It was so slow that Bob was working alone, doing what a 2 man crew does...alone. He came home exhausted, and almost broken daily. I can't even imagine the stress that it took on him, being the sole provider for his family of 7. I could see the fear in his eyes on a regular basis. It's very easy for me to be the faith filled one since he was the one paying the bills, working to earn the money to pay those bills, and trying to squeak dollars out of cents, not me. I always have had the "the Lord will provide" mentality, and He does. It might not be our ideal way, but never the less, He does provide. But last year, or more the beginning of 2011, I felt myself starting to become fearful.

  We made it through last year and the first part of this year financially, again only by the grace of God, and are now digging our way out this year to get back to being debt free (excluding our homes). It's crazy how one year can put such a huge dent into your plan. Things are not a given in the world of construction (in this world in general). So when we are given the hours, you take as many as you can get! Pray you are financially smart with those earnings, and live life to the best of your abilities...praying the whole way. So I am very thankful that my husband still has a job and is back to working full time.

This is my hubby 12yrs ago at our favorite camping spot...isn't he handsome?!

  I'll add another thing I'm thankful for...seeing my husband grow and realize that he isn't in control....God is. You can try all you want, worry till you give yourself gray hair, and things will fail all around you, and there is nothing you can do but pray and continue to believe that God is who He says He is. It's a beautiful thing to see someone submit to God in a way that says, "You, oh Lord, are in charge! Just show me where to go and what to do!"

For these things I am truly thankful~

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