Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankfulness Day 13

Today I am thankful for:

  Prenatal vitamins that don't contain Iron! Today, the little girls (age 2 & 4 yrs) somehow figured out how to get the lid off my prenatal vitamins and decided to eat a bunch! I think they had to have eaten at least 15-20 of them, by the looks of how many were left! 

  Ty came downstairs and said, "Mom, Shelby and Addie ate your vitamins!" Unfortunately they taste like candy and they are gummy ones. Which make it more appetizing for these little girls. I called poison control to see what I needed to do. The very helpful lady asked me to look for the amount of Iron listed. After a bit of looking, I finally found Iron listed in the amount per serving list. Praise the Lord, it said Iron 0mg...0%. The woman said, "You just dodged a bullet today! It only takes 2-4 tablets to kill a 2 yr old. Now how about vitamin A?" I told her "4000 IU...50% per serving. With 45 servings in the bottle (2 gummies is a serving). So that would be 90 total gummies in the bottle." Again, we dodged a bullet! According to her, it takes 110 tablets to do serious damage to a toddler with the vitamin A. Thankfully even if they had consumed all the vitamins, they still would have been alright. Her treatment...feed them, give them plenty of water, and watch for dehydration from the diarrhea or vomiting that may occur.

  Shelby has experienced the diarrhea, but otherwise seems to be doing well. Addie hasn't seemed to have any signs of either...I'm thinking that Shelby hoarded them all, only sharing a few with Addie (she controlling like that! lol)

These are made in Vancouver, WA!!

  This whole incident again reiterates how quickly life can change. We could have had a dead 2 year old Shelby, and a severely sick 4 year old Addie, if these vitamins would have contained Iron. Thank you, Jesus, for their protection!!!

For this I am TRULY thankful...

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  1. wow.. scary stuff!! Praise the Lord!!


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