Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankfulness Day 17

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Today I am thankful for:

Skype! If you haven't heard of need to. This is perfect for families or friends far away, and it's free! You download it onto your computer and as long as you have a webcam you can talk face to face with your loved ones, next door, or on the other side of the globe. It's been fun for the kids to call up their grandparents and chat with them.  I have it on my smart phone and had even thought about calling Bob's dad (my FIL)  and pointing it towards the baseball field while Ty was in his tournament this summer. I had just gotten the phone and had no idea really how to use it. :) But now that I know all these tricks, next ball season we'll have to try it out! 

  Just think of how much easier it is on families being able to at least see faces and talk to each other, instead of written letters that take weeks to get to their destination, when they are far away. It had to have been heart breaking for families to have their loved ones away for years and never see them during that duration. Now, they are at your finger tips and a dial tone away! It amazing the things we have in this time period. 

For this I am truly thankful~

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