Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankfulnes Day 25

Today I am thankful for:

  New Friends! These are the ladies that have made my transition from the west, to the east, easy. In fact I can say that they helped me love living there! They welcomed me into their group without really knowing who I was. I feel the Lord set up these friendships before I ever arrived! The surprising thing is that most of these ladies are from the west side, or at least have family there, that I know! Small world :) They are a fantastic group of girls in which I spend every single Wednesday during the summer at their side, basking in the sun, watching our children play and swim, and filling our fellowship cup! The winters seem so long until we meet up again...faithfully, every Wednesday. Our children have many friends that are included in these friendships as well.

Some of the kids swimming at the river.

  Another delightful bonus...2 of my dear friends homeschool! We are able to get together every other week for field trips or school project days. The kids can't wait until we meet every week. This year has been a bit difficult with Linc's birth and early season colds, but when we are able to stick to the calender, we enjoy every bit of it! It's wonderful to have ladies with the same value system and goals in mind for their children. It builds a tight bond between us all.

Our first field trip of the year. 2011

  We have spectacular coffee nights throughout the summer.  (If you can believe this, I never drank coffee until I met these I'm hooked!) It's delightful when it's still 80 degrees out at 12am! Yes, our coffee nights last that long most nights. We close out our favorite coffee shop and find our spots outside on the patio and talk for hours after the last barista heads home. Laughing and sometimes even having deep, meaningful conversations. It's a great place to refill after a long week. When it gets chilly later in the summer, you see the ladies emerge with their blankets from the car and settle in for the long night ahead. :) I really do love these girls! I can't imagine my time in our new city would be nearly as wonderful without them. :)

God has blessed me with their friendships!

For this I am truly thankful~

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